Index is built on the five value pillars (REACH), which form the foundation of our vision and future. These rich values are essence of our business, blend in our corporate culture to create the success environment.

Responsibility with professionalism
All our business activities are ethical, responsible, principled and client focused .We ensure the integration of responsibility in every action and service confers to our clients. We reflect this professionalism and commitment to our clients, partners and all the stakeholders.

Entity of Equality
Index is an entity of equality, which promotes individual talents, foster collaboration, team spirit and enabling people to do more. We cherish people with encouragement, trust and openness and nurture human value to achieve the common goals without any rigid hierarchical structure.

Adaptability to the changing needs
Index strives constantly to evolve and adapt to the changing needs from time to time. We exploit emerging opportunities and new challenges with iterative strategy and widest perspective.

Culture of creativity
We understand that the ability to outshine will be rewarding breakthrough ideas that challenge the status quo. Index cultivates the culture of creativity to ascend beyond conventional solutions. We encourage intrapreneurship to bring out the brightest ideas and innovation to improve our quality of service

Honesty of high standards
We are dedicated to the highest standards of credibility and honesty. We are accountable to our clients and staff and the industry we serve. In carrying out our duties, we strive to follow professional ethics. We reflect our commitment to this in every aspect of our operations and upkeep the credibility of our brand.